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Character Design

I have clear idea of what I am going to do in Project 1, it will not be a Music Video, it will be film me walking to school, with the animation combine while I was walking. There will be two set, one is the real scene along the way to my school here, another one is drawing the background of my road back in Macau. In order to create two atmosphere/style, real and animation.img_9529

Today lesson was to introduce character design, as I know who I will be drawing — me, therefore, I found some photos of my school uniform. However, I just found a few photo, which I did not think was enough. So next time, I will try to take more photos of what I am interested, or I cannot find any when I need them as primary research.

Also, I know about Character Design do not always be detailed and beautiful, as the result of the character will be developed throughout the idea developing. Therefore, the design can be rough because the final design of the character will be different from the beginning one eventually.


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