It is stated that “Death of the modernism”(V&A) as the interpretation of Postmodernism. When people have more knowledge which learnt from the history and “truth”, they acknowledge that Utopia was not suitable for the reality, it seems there is no perfect land for them.

Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi  — Learning from Las Vegas  1966


Las Vegas is a famous gambling city in United States, the whole city is filled with colourful neon lights and some buildings which imitate some ancient design. It seems that people love how the city works, without having many modern design such as just blocks’ construction, which they are said as emotionless and cold. In another words, they are lack of essence, just white with high technology which assumed to be good. Therefore, when they went to Las Vegas, they realised what people really need, it could be the elements in this city.


Jeff Koons — Louis XIV  1986


Other that postmodernism, Jeff Koons was famous in Pop Art. However, in this case, making a sculpture with stainless steel rather than silver, as it looks like silver, but it is not. From my perspectives, it shows that appearance can be deceiving, or people know what the real issues are, but they simply ignore it because of the perfect appearance, regardless the inside or the essence. The piece was ironic in term of wealth and appearance (V&A).


Ai Weiwei — Han Dynasty Urn with Coca Cola logo  1994


A commercial brand was painted on the historical object, making a strong contrast. It made the Urn became a product on the market for trading, it lost the value of the Urn itself. However, this kind of vase was common during Han Dynasty, which was not percious. It is reported that it symbolised the global capitalism which expanding throughout the world, and having the base from the past, the new visual language is form within China.

Overall, the art they were doing gives a difficult interpretation on this kind of art which artist in Postmodernism are interested in.

Reference: http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/lot.56.html/2014/contemporary-art-evening-auction-l14024



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