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Evaluation on Makeup design and the rotation

We did on the make up design this week, it included face casting, which can use as faking wounds. But we also need to do a make up at last with 6 designs, I selected the one with the rose pattern on the face. As I thought it was the most natural one since the theme of mine is religious. I had make up before, but it was put by others, I did not really apply make up by myself. Therefore, I knew the step, but I had no clue how to do. But with Sue’s helping, I could put my makr up on. Although it was not too good without skill, I have gained knowledge on make up.

Overall, theatre art had learned many things, as I did my many first time here. Such as making set, using sewing machine, making up. Though there was failure during the making process, things were learned during the process. And it helped me to explore different ideas and technique on other things then drawing, as there was not enough resources and workshop in my own place.

Also, after last rotation, not knowing how to develop my own idea. And now, I know what to do in order to express my idea and experiment in a more organised way. I satifised my work on idea development. However, it needs more depth in development and experiment, as a result, the final work will have a more fully inception in different perspective.

By the way, theatre industry fascinated me in different ways, I appreciate this rotation as an experience.


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