Land art

Many places were in an industrialisation situation in the 1960s, many buildings were constructing in cities at that moment. Natural environment could not be seen inside the city, and the trend of the Land Art began, as to reject the artificial environment around them, which made people forgot human being was originally from the nature world.


Robert Smithson — Spiral Jetty  1970

Their artwork were simple, as their idea was the main propose to be expressed. Also, they mainly worked in the environment outside from gallery and cities. The Spiral Jetty was made by the materials from the shore and spread toward the lake with an anti-clockwise circular path. Therefore, when people walk along the path, they experience going backward from time as they walk toward the center of the circular surface.


Christo and Jeanne-Claude — Running Fence  1972-76

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s work above was using fabric, with fence to stablise it from the strong wind within the desert area. The whole fence was 39.4 km, it was so long that people can drive along with it in a particular area. In a political aspect, they were having the theme of Divide, division of continents, which sounds negative. But as they working on the installation, the fence put across different area such as urban, suburban, dessert, sea, etc. It was more like a link from those area and the fence was act as the a connection from them, showed that there are not separation for land.

Andy Goldsworthy  — Icicle Spiral (Treesoul), Scotland,  After 1985

Treesoul was made totally from natural element, which is a well-known for Andy Goldsworthy’s “technique” , included the connection process of the ice using the water rapidly freezing and forming the shape. It could be imagined its a difficult installation, yet simple. In my perspective, Treesoul represented the origin of the tree, growing from area with snow making that the tree’s soul was strong enough to survive in that situation. At last, the materials was leaved there without taking away, and the photography emphasise the moment of it and it did not affected the natural in its own way.

To sum up with my opinion, land art is a natural art that artists can use different media from the nature to give a spectacular outcome, giving messages from the nature and having respect on her. For illustration area (the area that I want to get into), the propose of the industry is to promote and giving messages to the society, regardless of the commercial aspect. But sometimes it has connection with the aim of land art as they work for promoting reflection and knowledge of the nature environment. As the idea is the main thing than other aspects. Therefore, I like the concept on working outside the studio and having the nature elements as the “brushes”.

Source: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/q-and-a-christo-and-jeanne-claude-91506655/?no-ist

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