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Evaluation on Custom Design

In this week, we develop mainly on our idea of doing the customs for our theme, both in clothes or other accessories. It was difficult as I was not participated in any clothing production in the first place. Also, develop our idea into a real custom needs experiments. Indeed, this consideration can be applied to all design require the existence of the objects. Thus, different variety would happen through the design process.

Back to the custom that I wanted to make in the beginning of the week, which is a rosary. The production method is not difficult, the things that I need are string, beads and a small status of cross. However, I could not find beads in many charity stores, at least there was not enough equilibrium size of beads within the second-handed accessories. As a result, I used air dough to create the cross and a small string. The result was amusing surprisingly good, especially the string, the texture and the colour were alike to a real string.

Moreover, I designed the head-kerchief and the dress as the traditional custom in Portgual, which are relevant to the event as it originally took place in Portgual. Despite the fact that I do not have any knowledge in clothing making, I experiment on some fabric to make a head-kerchief. Using some white fabric with different media in order to paint it into green, because there was no green fabric. I tested the fabric on watercolour, acrylic and drawing ink. The result was acceptable on some pieces of fabric. And I found that ink did the best effect. Nevertheless, when I applied ink on a large piece of fabric. The colour green devised into blue and yellow when it dried. In another words, the result was not succeed as I wanted it to be solid colour.

Ultimately, I went to a clothing store and bought a green T-shirt, the texture and the colour was suitable for my designed work. It will be the basis of the head-kerchief, and some cloth will be added and the custom is done.

Furthermore, I visited the backstage of the adc theatre and realised that the requirement of passion and dedication in order to make the theatre still operating today from 1855. Since they had experienced many finance problem throughout the year when it started to display play. And I like how they reuse their props and set materials in different drama plays, which is Eco-friendly.

To conclude this week, many designs for custom were made, but more practical experiment should be done although I do not know how to do. The most thing that I learned this week was failing to make the fabric into green. As it taught me that which media can be use to paint on the cloth can give a specific texture. Also, variable is exist, I was determine to make the rosary, but the situation told me that I needed to make something else. Therefore, I need to be open-mined to accept the changeable situation that I will face.


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