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Costume Design

After 2 days of costume design artist research, I got some ideas to design about the event of the procession. But the first criteria is that the design should not be too aggressive such as total different to the event costume, as it will lose the meaning of making the costume. Therefore, since the event is origin in Portugal, I looked for some Portuguese traditional costume such as the clothing on the dancing festival in Portugal.

However, I did not participate on any fashion design, I will try to simplify the design of the costume. Finally, I selected two things I want to make. One is the head-kerchief, another is the rosary. I have to visit some charity shop in order to consume the cloth, bead or strings, therefore, I decided that which item that suitable for my design, I will make that one first.

To sum up, some design works have been done, but it was mainly thinking of the colour panel.

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