Conceptual art

Anybody has different ideas and perspectives. For artist, in order to transform the idea into an art piece, they normally use painting and building sculptures to represent their ideas to the audience. However, other medium also can be used to interpret ideas. Such as chairs, paper, anything that we can see from our real world. It is irrational when artists do not use traditional art, as they will alter the artists in an old pattern way of processing their perspectives, new experience would not be formed. Thus, as expressing idea, artists will refer both to ‘art’ and ‘real’ world. Although ‘perception is subjective’, it needs balance from the ‘real’ world in their work. And this is how conceptual art works.

Despite the fact that the ideas are from oneself, they can be understood by some people as they might have the similar way of thought. However, it does not matter when people do not understand. As “art should not be taken so terribly seriously”, said Martin Creed. Therefore, art does not just for the artists themselves, it interprets their own thought, but it also includes the ideas to the point of the society, as they are within the society.


scource: https://stephenmaphotography.files.wordpress.com/

John Hilliard — Crop piece  1974

One of the photograph from John Hilliard is the Crop piece, while the whole story of the image had cropped into four pieces. If the audience look at each image individually, the story it tells would be different. For instance, if we look at the left bottom one, it seems like the vases have been rigged out from the hole, but it is not really true. In another way, it can be refer to the media today, showing the footage of the news in different perspectives, giving the part of the news which do not tell much from the truth. It draws to the conclusion that photograph is taken from the real world, it is not true, though.


scource: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/

Sol Le Witt — Wall Drawing 289  1976

Another work is the Wall Drawing 289, which is drawing lines onto the wall. Here is the example of the conceptual art, which the finish work is not the artist, it created with different kind of people, if there is an accident, it could be a new experience from the work. Also, it expresses the concept that against the commercial feature within the art industry, as Wall Drawing can not be sold to anyone’s home when it literally draw on the wall without intermediary.


scource: http://www.martincreed.com/images/uploads/work115.jpg

Martin Creed — no. 115, a doorstop fixed to a floor to let a door open only 45 degrees     1995

His works are usually playful, as he said the quote above that art should be taken seriously. This work can mean something, as it means nothing. It can be just having a doorstop in the 45 degree situation, which is a little hard to get through it. On the other hand, with the description of the his idea. You can understand well in ‘his’ interpretion, with a more personal meaning. Therefore, it can show that that the ‘discourse’ of art in Conceptual art.


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