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Evaluation of set design

I had been working on the set of Our Lady of Fátima for 3 days, most installations were done during the weekend. I found that the different from the final draft and the finish work was not very diversed. But I think the technique of making the items need to be improved. For instance, painting with acrylic needs to caution on the amount of water, in order to prevent colour gap when the paint is dried. As it will give an awkward texture if it does not be managed well.

Moreover, hanging up the item from the set is difficult, I considered different method like putting a small piece of cardboard to stablise the churches’ cardboard, but it did not success, though. Finally, I used sting to attach it on two long piece of cardboard and put them on top of the set and the result of the churches were not stable, but it is a method to finish it in a short period of time. Therefore, I accepted this arrangement.

On the other hand, there are places that I am proud of, such as the pattern on the green door of Igreja da Sé, I used the cutter knife to craft out the straight line pattern, the effect was closed to the original one, in my opinion. Also, the “strained glass”, I dedicated my concentration and efforts to cut out the shape of the tiny pieces from the coloured plastic. Despite the fact that the finished work is not exactly the same as the designed one, the effect when the light shines through the “glass” is similar, creating a sacred atmosphere.

Overall, I have a thinking that if my set can make as a real scale set in a theatre, will it work. The reason is that the transition from the two churches into the inside of the church is time consuming when the mass of them is large, it should be minimal and portable easily. Furthermore, when making a small model, it needs skill on creating minimal objects, it needs delicate detail on a small area. Also, the moving speed of the props coordinates the story fluency, as the final mission of the set is to express the story as much as it can. If it fail to express, the set cannot act as the medium between the audience  and the author. In conclusion, making set is not just ideas, efficiency of the use of materials and time management are included while designing sets.


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