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Model making

Making set is a first time thing for me, as I have not done anything like this before. First of all, we need to make the board of the whole set. I cut it in a larger scale because there are many items and the need of flexibility within the set box, according to the draft.

The upper stage is for the altar, I used the left out board to make it. The upper stage can create an authority, the authority in the church and the Christ. Moreover, I painted the wall of the stage in pale yellow, refer to the church in my place. After that, I added a thin layer of the picture of Hail Mary in the middle of the wall, I used colour marker rather than watercolour as the water would make the paper wrinkled, and the result of the colour would be too thin.

Furthermore, I cut a circle in order to install the “strained glasses”. Using cutter knife is a risky one as you have to control the strength but you also need to keep it steady pace when cutting the media. To end of today’s process, I cut some small piece of board to stick them using glue gun, in order to make a piano. I will continue of process tomorrow and I hope I can finish by next week.


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