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Set Design of Procession of Our Lady of Fátima

Having 2 artist research have given me some ideas about colour of the set and how to make the transition of the set more effect. However, everything needs to be made in the real subject first, the feasibility will be revealed afterward.

But the first thing to do is to do the draft, although I have made some sketches on the first day, the development after the research will alter the final draft. Today, I analysed the research that I found and combine the idea. I want to more a portable board in front of the stage, containing the outside of the churches and the sculpture. After that, the board can be move away and the sculpture of Our Lady of Fátima will move inward to the inner part of the stage, which is set as the inside of the church.

As I have not decided the materials and the lighting of the design, many variable need to consider during the process. From now, the final draft will be more detail and the result will not be exactly alike to the draft.


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