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Final Evaluation on Graphic Design & illustration Rotation

Within these 3 weeks, I have learned some new experience and risk for more experiment. For instance, we had a street drawing with conversation overheard, which I have never done before. And also learned how to create printing letters on different method such as Lino Letters.

All the experiment were aim to create my own first zine, which is a self-published little booklet, the content of the zine is about typography. Therefore, at the beginning of the rotation we did many methods of letter press and experiment to create the zine.

For the production of the zine, I enjoy it as I could arrange all of my process and works into some kind of story, like a media to express myself. My zine entitled “SHUFFLE”, which means randomly play or arrange, so I added many random things from the letterforms experiment and illustration, in order to express my thought and opinion about random things. Therefore, the zine is not really all are random things, as I spent many times on creating the story board.

Moreover, there were many failure during the process, as it was confusing when the pages of the booklet stacked together. As a result, many wasted were create, it symbolise the experience I have gained. And meaning that I can avoid the mistake happen again.

In conclusion, the process of making the zine gave my the foundation of how to create a book and the knowledge of the history and development of typography was gained. So if I would edit in a magazine company for internship in my future time, I will know the basis of what I need to do, at least.


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