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Zine production

As there are less than 3 days of lessons in rotation, we had to start our zine. I was planning the layout and draft this whole morning. And started to work on it after Life Drawing.


The story board planning was really confused at first, because it was made by an A4 paper into an A5, the context between pages will be different as the papers are stacked one by one. For example, the first page and last page are on the same piece of A4 paper. Thus, after asking Jo, the idea of making a dummy booklet has been made, which means I used some papers to make a booklet, to see which context should put in which paper.

There was a sample for us to look at, I found that other kind of papers such as tracing paper and tape paper can be used. In order to create a transparent detail add on the original content. But I want to use it on the cover as it will make it more perspective.



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