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Self-made illuminated letters

Start of the last week of rotation, we have to finish our zine by Friday, with the experiment of letter forms as context.

As we need to finish all the experiment given, I did the illuminated letter (below one in the picture) today, but with my style, less medieval style. And I used watercolour to colour it. The result is good, but I think there are more symbol or characters could be added.

The C shape is alike to the moon, so I illustrated on it and I thought about the anime of Sailor Moon, she had a castle on the moon. Therefore, I added the pillars. And with the use of blue and red as they mainly use these colour to illustrate the illuminated letter at that period.

In the afternoon, we had our visual studies. We needed to draw the items in front of us today (upper one in the picture), there are many items such as bike, earphone, hanger, lamp, etc. After drawing, we took some ink and paint the negative space of the picture. We can learn how to paint out the things without actually drawing the outlines.




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