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A lot of Experiment

Lsat 2 days of this week, we had more experimentation on typography and some illustration. As we have to start to make the zine next week as it is the last week of the Rotation.

We have experiment on tearing paper and folding them into letterforms, in order to create a new kind of alphabet. Addition, we can print them from the printer to customise them.

and here is the result


The original is using gold, yellow and even recycled paper to make. The above one is print from the printer using colorise and overlay. The result for me is fair, as I could do better on the shapes of the letterforms to make the contrast out of all the letters. After making the effects on the printer, the most significantly letter is the “M”. You can see clearly on the paper.

But on the other hand, the whole result is like a background of a Graphic work, we can add word on it or illustration. Therefore, it is suitable in some ways.


Moreover, we have spraying and rolling letterforms from photocopy of letters. In order to observe how the alternative way to make graphic in a old school basis.


Spraying colour on the words is more challenging for me, the result you can see, the colour is blurring out from the letters’ original form.

And Rolling paint onto the paper is more like Lino letters, but the texture of the paint on the Lino letter’s results are more thick. Rolling method is more convenient and can make more control on the result compare to Lino letters.

Incidentally, Yêu is mean love in Vietnamese, and bonito is beautiful in Portuguese. I want to make it in foreign language in order to make it more mystery with meanings.

Finally, we had to illustrate the street situation, conversation between people on Friday. It was a great experience to walk out from the studio and draw on the street. So we have to consider more aspect on the street and listening to people conversation carefully. I could not get a full sentence, though. For instance, people just walk by you and you just have some vocabulary heard, and you have to assume what they are talking about.



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