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Sketchbook process

This week we were given review and development from the exhibition.

I really learnt many about how people using calligraphy to write bibles the beautifully crafted fonts from anicent. Seeig how they delevop the fonts that we use today, see in books and magazines.

We need to appreciate to the creator of the fonts and words. Making people can communicate in a easy and diversity ways.

Above one is the page explaining the history of zine as we need to make a zine at the end of this rotations. After doing some research and previous students’ works, I simply understand how to make a zine. In other words, zine is a way to express freely actually, it cannot be something very official. Thus, I can make some topic that I am interest into. I haven’t decide what topic I should do, though. I think I can make up my mind next week.

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